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1960s Fancy Dress UK

Ahh remember the Swinging 60s? Mini Skirts, Mini Cars, Psychedelia ,pirate radios stations and free love brought on by the advent of the pill.

Well heres your chance to re-live those memories by dressing up in some of the grooviest outfits I have found on the web. Thanks to Austin Powers the 60s fancy theme has gained immensely in popularity and is second only to the outrageously fun 70s.

So welcome all you Mod Chicks and Hippie Dudes to my 60s fancy dress site. Its all here to help you choose the right costume and accessory to make you the coolest dude or the foxiest chic at the sit in.

There is no party like a 60s fancy dress party.

The thing you would normally do would be to go to a hire shop and hire an outfit but when you see the prices they charge it is so much better to just buy one. The advantages are

1. Its yours so you can build up a great wardrobe of 60s gear as Im sure you will use it again as 60s fancy dress parties are always popular.

2. Theres no need to worry all night about losing your deposit if you damage it or spill a drink over it and you can have a nice lay in the next day as you wont have to hurry back to the shop in time to make sure you dont lose your deposit.

When I threw my first 60s fancy dress party it was in the early 90s and there was practically nothing available even to hire, so it involved trawling all the charity shops trying to find anything that could help you find that cool look. Nowadays as the theme has really exploded in popularity, there are a multitude of fancy dress shop s that stock the decades finest including wigs, platforms and accessories and I have found what I think to be the top UK online merchant with the biggest selection of quality 60s fancy dress costumes along with the best variation in sizesI have ever seen.

Lets face it not many of us still have the 28 inch waist we used to enjoy. So dudes & dudettes take a look through these pages for I am sure you will find something to wear it just depends on how outrageous you dare to be. I know from my own experience that as soon as you start putting on your kaftan you will start to smile and that smile will not wear off till the next morning when the hangover take over.

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